Error message: QStandardPaths: wrong ownership. (1000 instead of 0) How do I fix this, I have no idea where the Qt program came form.

  • How do I fix this, I have no idea where the Qt program came from? It is embedded somewhere in the supporting structure of the Flightgear program.

    I looked up the user but I am afraid to change anything without knowing where this is coming from. I am using ubuntu, and try to run the program using "sudo".

    Does that help?

    Rex du Pont

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Why are you using sudo ?
    From the looks of it, the application is warning you that you are trying to access a file belonging to a user by another user.

  • I am the sole user of the computer, but for me to compile and use the program I have to use sudo. The program is the flightgear flight simulator, and it depends on a whole range of sub programs. I do not know any other way to get it to go except to use sudo.

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    You shouldn't need to use sudo to build anything.

    Are you getting errors because the application is trying to access some devices ?

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