seemingly useless files in appveyor artefacts

  • Hi,

    Since we added QJSEngine and therefore Qt5::Qml to the target_link_libraries in our CMakeLists.txt, we have been getting the Qt5Quick.dll added to our builds as well as platforminputcontexts/ , qmltooling/ and scenegraph/ folders. As far as I can tell we don't need any of those. How can we properly exclude them? (we use appveyor for CI)

    best, Megamouse

  • @Megamouse maybe trial and error is your best chance... Think of your probabilities of people already knowledgeable about QML/Qt and at the same time using that appveyor CI
    I'd remove one component at a time and test...

  • Okay apparently I forgot to add --no-quick to our <PostBuildEvent> in the proj file. (I only added them to POST_BUILD in CMakeLists.txt before and excluded the Qt5Quick module from the qt settings.)

    At least now the Qt5Quick.dll is not created anymore.

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