Widget promotion information (Designer, Creator 2.0)

  • I made a typo entering the class name (case difference in one character) when promoting a widget & need to edit the information. Now, deleting the widget and/or trying to repromote generates an "The class XXXX already exists." Promoted Widgets - Error.

    Can this class promotion information be edited or deleted? I have done a cursory look and can't find where that information is stored.


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    How about directly editing the .ui file?

  • Ok, I took a fresh look at this and found both spellings in the .ui file (as suggested above). Editing this allows me to promote to the proper one. Thanks.

    When I was doing this a couple of weeks ago, I could have sworn it was retaining the erroneous class name across projects and changing the .ui file didn't seen to help. Oh well. It looks like all is well now. :)

    Thanks again.

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