Error in QT5core.dll

  • Hi everyone,

    In fact, we have been developping a project lately. In the first time, we developed with QT4 and VS 2008 , and each time, we release a new version, we put .exe file plus .dll files necessary into a folder to run on the server, everything was ok.
    Next, we have been changed to use Qt5 vs VS 2015. We tested the functionality of the project in local, everything was fine. And we put all of them( .exe file with .dll files of QT5) on server for clients to use. The problem is here that the project works perfectly in my PC and certains PC, but some others PCs can run project but it missed some functions in the Qt5core.dll, and if i re-copy the .dll files on server, some PCs works well, some others don't.
    It means that with the same project(QT5+ VS2015) on the server, some PC works well, some others don't even i tried to change .dll files so many times. And i'm sure that we all use the same type of OS, PC 64 bits.....
    I really appreciate your helps, your advices,

    Many thanks in advance,

  • I recommend you to use Dependecy Walker. This softare will show you the DLLs linked to your project and you can see if there is any missing lib. Use the 32 o 64 bit of the application depending on your destination architecture.
    Execute Dependency Walker on the PC that you are having problems.

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  • Hi, I've seen this behavior as well, not with MSVC2013, but starting with MSVC2015 and MSVC2017. On this misbehaving computers I've solved it by installing the MSVC2015 redistributable, i.e. just copying in msvcp140.dll, ucrtbase.dll and vcrun140.dll together with the .exe file was not sufficient.

  • @ollarch said in Error in QT5core.dll:

    I recommend you to use Dependecy Walker

    Since Dependency Walker has not been updated/maintained for some time now, you can also use Dependencies instead
    which is an open source rewrite of Dependency Walker. It works great.

  • @Diracsbracket I've been using Dependency Walker for 10 years with no problem but getting a new version is always good news.

  • Thanks for all your advises, i have used Dependency Walker to compare the Qt5core.dll that works correctly with another one who didn't work. But i didn't see the difference. And another thing is that the one that works in my PC , but doesn't work in another PC and contrariwise, the qt5core.dll works in my friend's PC, doesn't work in my PC.

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