QT Error: No winrtrunner.exe found.

  • Hi! I'm new to QT and I installed it with MSVC2015 64 bit and MSVC2017 64 bit. I have Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 community edition installed on my machine, too.

    However, when I created a project so I could feel the QT Environment, MainWindow.cpp is not part of the project and there are no UIs either. The only file that is part of the project is the .pro file.

    I checked around in Build & Run and there were warning signs on my compilers shown here:

    I hope there are workarounds for this. Any help would be gladly appreciated. Thank yoU!

  • Sorry the image didn't post well, earlier. Here it is:
    alt text

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    hi @cc672012

    you may have several problems, but the first one is that you assigned a 32bit compiler to a 64bit Qt version. That will not work.