Sample program to pass char array to qtConcurrent

  • Hello Everyone,
    Looking for a sample program to pass char array to QTConcurrent.
    I have a function which takes char array as an argument and need it pass to the function.
    I tried various ways of doing the same but no success.

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    The problem is not passing it, it's keeping it alive until run finishes. Can you use QByteArray or std::array instead of the raw array?


    This is a bit awkward but it should work:

    // void doSomething(char* arr, int n)
    char myarray[100];
    const int arraySize = std::extent<decltype(myarray)>::value;
    char* arrayToPass = new char[arraySize];
    auto runWatcher =new QFutureWatcher<void>();
    QObject::connect(runWatcher,&QFutureWatcher::finished,[arrayToPass]()->void{delete [] arrayToPass;});

  • @VRonin : Thanks a lot. The implementation looks quite complex so moving with string instead of char array as you have mentioned in previous thread.

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