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[Solved] Qt Creator 2.2.84 memory consumption

  • Hello. From 2.3 beta version of Qt Creator I encountered a problem of large memory consumption. For 4-5 hours of the work the memory consumption increases to 1.5-2 GB and I need to restart Creator for continue. Is it just my case, or this is a common problem?

    OS: Windows 7 64 bit

    ! Explorer screenshot)!

  • Perhaps you should file a bug report. I leave my Creator instance running for days on end without any problems though.

  • For my version, I found that the main memory usage occurs when you use the key shortcut Ctrl+Space. I can make a bug request if this problem can be reproduced from someone else.

  • I have a similar problem ... can you check if it comes from including <Windows.h>?

    In my case I could speed up code completion tremendously when banning this include to the *.cpp files.

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    Qt Creator needs a lot of memory to keep all the information stored in all the headers and files used available. Depending on the size of the projects (incl. the headers you include in it) that can be a lot of memory.

    Does the memory consumption increase over time without you opening projects? That would point to a memory leak somewhere.

    moeliney: The time it takes to find all possible completions depends on the number of files included (directly or by other include files). So yes, making sure headers are only included where necessary does speed up Qt Creators code completion. It also reduces compile times by the way, sometimes rather drastically.

  • The memory consumption increase with only one opened project during coding. The same project at 2.2 Qt creator does not lead to a permanent memory consumption.

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    Please "report a bug": then. Is the project that you see the issue with available to the public?


    bq. The fix is available in master.

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