Crash in QVariantMap/QVariantList destructor

  • Hallo folks,

    I recently built up a structure using QVariantMaps and QVariantLists to convert it to JSON afterwards.
    But I experienced a strange behaviour when leaving the function and the destructor of this structure has been called.

    It looked like this:
    @QVariantMap outerMap;
    QVariantList outerList;
    QVariantMap innerMap;
    QVariantList innerList;

    innerMap.insert("test", innerList);
    outerMap.insert("test1", outerList);@

    If I replace the innerList with another QVariantMap or anything else, it workes fine. Is this a problem on my side or is this a bug in Qt? I also tried to clear all QVariantMaps and QVariantLists myself starting from the inner to outer before I delete them, but the same problems comes up..

    Any ideas? ;)

  • I cannot reproduce a crash. Can you provide us a complete test case please?

  • Hmm,

    I am using VisualStudio to compile my project and to reproduce the crash.
    If I try the same in QtCreator, everything works fine.
    Both are using Qt 4.6, what could be the difference?

  • Is QtCreator using MSVC too - or is it using the MinGW toolchain?

  • It is using MSVC++ Toolchain.
    The only difference in the build process is that QtCreator uses JOM and MSVC is configured to use JAM, dont know if this matters.

  • Are you linking with the right version of the Qt libs then? Just checking... I have no idea what else it might be.

  • I am not quite sure..
    I told JAM where to find the Qt libs for MSVC and always use the debug libs.
    How can I check if the linked libs are correct?

  • Mixing wrong DLLs can lead to that effect.

    The "Dependency Walker": shows you the loaded (or missing) DLLs. Be aware, that it shows different results than using it from within the IDE, as the latter may have manipulated the search PATH.

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