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QT not displaying/rendering any drawings

  • Hi,

    I am new to QT and want to get into QT3D. However, after the initial setup I tried some examples and none of them renders the 3D objects. Then I tried a simple program drawing a square - and again nothing happened. All widgets (ie textedit, scrollbar...) get displayed and work as expected. After an extensive search I saw posts on Raspberries that have driver problems. However, I have a normal Intel i5 laptop, so I doubt it's applicable. Did anyone encounter such a problem and can tell me how to fix it (or how to troubleshoot it)?


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    Did you test something else that your openGL do work?
    if intel embedded gfx , you might need upgraded driver.

  • Hi,

    you're right, I should have followed that lead right away. OpenGL bench stayed blank too, graphic driver update crashed twice but worked in the end. Thanks for the push!


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