[SOLVED] Delegate at QTableView

  • Hi All, I have QTableView, at some of column I set delegate, and at that delegate create QLineEdit, and set them RegExpValidator, but some times that RegExpValidator dosen't work, and i don't understand why... :(
    code of delegate:
    @public: QWidget * createEditor(QWidget * parent, const QStyleOptionViewItem & /option/, const QModelIndex & /index/) const {
    QLineEdit * editWidget = new QLineEdit(parent);
    connect(editWidget, SIGNAL(textEdited(const QString &)), this, SLOT(onTextEdited(const QString &)));
    QString regExpStr = "[";
    //... add valid chars to regExpStr;
    QRegExp regExp(regExpStr);
    editWidget->setValidator(new QRegExpValidator(regExp, parent));
    return editWidget;
    public: void setEditorData(QWidget * editor, const QModelIndex & index) const {
    QString value = index.data(Qt::EditRole).toString();
    ((QLineEdit )editor)->setText(value);
    public: void setModelData(QWidget * editor, QAbstractItemModel * model, const QModelIndex & index) const {
    QLineEdit * edit = (QLineEdit )editor;
    QString value = edit->text();
    model->setData(index, value, Qt::EditRole);
    private slots: void onTextEdited(const QString &txt){
    variable regExpStr equals "[-XAGSRCF]
    " or "[-X#0-9]"

  • What do you mean by "doesn't work" ?

    Are you sure that all your model datas are satisfying the regexp ?

  • by “doesn’t work”, i mean so some times i (user) can write not valid data to LineEdit, but when i set a breakpoint to look what regExp set to validator, validator start work correctly.

  • no more ideas?

  • [quote author="Maxim Prishchepa" date="1314096765"]no more ideas?[/quote]
    Please practice some patience. It is not well regarded to "kick" your topic within 24 hrs of your last post.

  • tnx, all for help!
    I'm solve this problem by myself.
    Validator doesn't work when the text in QLineEdit is programmatically sets to not valid.
    I solve this problem to set additional validation to the setEditorData function.

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