QtWebEngine unwanted drag and drop.

  • Hi,

    We are using Qt5.9 and creating a fullscreen webview with QML, basically the same code as in the simple QML example.

    I have this running on two Linux tablet computers with Debian Jessie and X-server. One has a resistive touch which sends "Left click" events. The other has a capacitive touch which sends "touch" events.

    My problem is with the "resistive touch" machine. Very often when trying to press a link we seem to trigger some "drag and drop" feature . A small text-box containing the URL pops up near the pointer and follows it and when we release the pressure on the touch screen nothing happens.

    So after googling a lot related to Chromium and WebEngine I still have not found a way to simply disable this behavior. We think its because there usually are some mousemovement when using a finger on the touch, and that this mousemovement is interpreted as "drag". Increasing the amount of movemement needed would probably also solve our issue.

    Do anyone have some tips or insight ?


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