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[SOLVED] Problems with debug and release configuration

  • Hi!

    I have a problem with config for debug and release output. I have a .pro-File that creates a DLL-File. I want to sorts of it: debug and release. The debug dll and lib should have a "d" at the end to determine that it's a debug-config. The dll should be copied to another directory (Example: C:\Programme\MyProject\mydll.dll or C:\Programme\MyProject\mydlld.dll ) but the lib-file should be in the project directory.

    This is what i'v done so far:

    @QT -= gui
    TEMPLATE = lib
    DESTDIR = lib

    CONFIG += dll

    debug {
    TARGET = AppLibd

    release {
    TARGET = AppLib


    SOURCES += applibrary.cpp

    HEADERS += applibrary.h


    This config doesn't work. It always creates the dll AppLib.DLL in C:\Programme\myApp but not a .a-file in subdir "lib" in the current project directory.

    What's wrong with it?

    Thank you very much!!!!

  • Try i.e "Debug" instead of "debug".

  • Does not work. Thanks anyway

  • For me it works when I use "Debug" instead of "debug" or "Release" instead of "release".

  • Sorry! You're right. The rebuild did not work correctyl. After uninstalling/reinstalling mingw and QtCreator it works. Thank you very much!!!

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