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FlowLayout uses too much height

  • I am trying to use the FlowLayout sample to create a docked panel with 26 same-size buttons. The buttons are positioned OK and also flow properly when the width of the application is changed.

    However, the height of the panel remains constant and too large. I left these overridden functions as is, except for diagnostics.

    int FlowLayout::heightForWidth(int width) const
    int height = doLayout(QRect(0, 0, width, 0), true);
    qDebug() << "heightForWidth(" << width << ") ht=" << height;
    return height;

    void FlowLayout::setGeometry(const QRect &rect)
    int height = doLayout(rect, false);

    heightForWidth is only called once, using the width of roughly one button plus margins. The height calculated is for 26 rows (818 pixels), instead or 2 or 3 rows (105 or 136 pixels).

    Is there an easy way to get the FlowLayout to use the calculated height?

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