QtWebEngineView QML freeze whole PC while playing youtube video (proprietary codec)

  • Hi,

    My Hardware:
    Intel Stick PC, Cherry Trail Z8350, 2GB Ram
    My OS:
    Lubuntu 16.04 with all software updated. GStreamer 1.0 plugin bad, Intel HD Graphics drivers updated, vaapi and ffmpeg (2.8)
    My QT build:
    Qt 5.10.1 build from source. configurations with qt-xcb, proprietary-codecs and with ICU 60.2, release build.

    The problem:
    My program use QML QWebEngineView to playback Youtube video. For video without proprietary codec, it works perfectly. However, in order to playback video with special codecs, I build Qt 5.10.1 with proprietary codecs. It is ok to playback those youtube video, however, the program just freeze the system whenever it playback those youtube needs proprietary codec.

    Because the system just freeze, I have no way to get any core dump, any one has similar issue? Or, how can I debug this kind of error? Thanks.

    [Side notes: I've been testing my program and Qt's simple nano browser with Youtube videos on several Stick PC with Intel Z8300, Z8350 (2G Ram or 4G Ram model, with Intel HD Graphcis.) All running on Qt 5.10.1 linux build with proprietary codec, LUbuntu 16.04 with Intel HD Graphics driver installed. When youtube contents are 720p or 1080p, vp9 or h264, that will crash the program and freeze the whole system. For video dimension smaller than 720, that is fine. And, run the same program on Intel i5, 8GRam, Intel Graphics or Nvidia Graphics, Lubuntu 16.04, and Intel/Nvidia drivers, the program runs well (I keep one machine running for 7 days now.) So, I think that may be the issue of video driver for intel stick PC. ]

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