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QML Application Window Menu behaving weird when resizing

  • Hi,

    I have a question. I noticed, that the QML ApplicationWindow is sometimes behaving weird, when one is resizing the window. This can be reproduced on my system (Ubuntu 16.04) in the following way:

    • In Qt-Creator open the fylesystembrowser example (under Welcome, Examples) and run it
    • Grab the lower right border and move it up or down, and you will see that the Menu (the "File") text is sometimes moving a bit up or down, and sometimes the buttons beneath get rendered in the wrong place for a very short time (maybe a single frame)

    What is the reason for this behaviour. Can it be avoided?

  • Here a video from this behaviour, and I made two screenshots of adjacent frames. This was done using the uiforms example.

    Here the window as it should be:


    And sometimes when resizing, the menu gets shifted down. Is this a known bug?

    Here the video:
    [0_1520521015054_qt_test.ogv](Uploading 100%)

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