How do i create my 1st Qt application

  • i am new to this QT dev.
    and working on Qt/linux
    can any one tel me how to create my qt application and make it to public as my free app.
    as a beginner on what area should i concentrate to create the Qt application?

  • Why not starting by consulting the "Online Reference Documentation": ?

  • can i create a custom widget and make it avaliabe for free to everyone?
    i have done few custom widgets.

  • bq. can i create a custom widget and make it avaliabe for free to everyone?

    Yes! you can. If you make any changes to Qt libraries, you should release those changes too. [unless you have a commercial license]

  • You could also publish your creations on

  • It's very nice to have you here.

    I guess that you are not very familiar with c+.In that case you can go here for help.

    You must have in mind that Qt is a very powerfull framework,which means that is(Qt) offers you everything you need.You will not have to use a lot "pure" c++,see QString.

    Both open source and closed source software can be release free of money.
    After that you will have to decide if you want to write open or closed source, imo it better/nicer to stay close to open source since you will be able to get some good feedback.

    You can host your code either it or in

    *gitorious is open source(without an issue tracker)
    *github is closed source(with an issue tracker)

    If i were you i would read some existing code,from open source projects.
    One of these is KDE,vlc,meego.

  • Thanks for the information. i would love to hear more from you in future.

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