QWT Compilation error On QT4 in Raspberry PI

  • Dear friends

    I am trying to compile my QT4.8.6 Source code in raspberry pi jessie.

    I got an error like this

    mainwindow.cpp:972:25: error: ‘class QwtDial’ has no member named ‘setRange’

    my source code compiled successfully in wheezy os qt version is same.
    I think the error occurs on qwt lib. I don have an idea how to fix it.

    The error occurred after changed my header file


    //#include </usr/include/qwt/qwt_dial.h>
    //#include </usr/include/qwt/qwt_dial_needle.h>
    #include </usr/local/qwt-6.1.0/include/qwt_dial.h>
    #include </usr/local/qwt-6.1.0/include/qwt_dial_needle.h>

    Please help me to fix this problem


    Vivek R

  • Lifetime Qt Champion


    Please don't post the same question in multiple subforms. Once is enough.


    Closing this one.

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