QLocale toCurrencyString ignores precision

  • Hi,

    (QT 5.10.1 MSVC 2015 32 bit)

    I'm not sure if I'm missing something here, but the results I get using the toCurrencyString overload with a double and precision completely ignore the precision that is set.

    E.g. With the example below, from a double of 1234567.12 the result I would expect is €1,234,567 but the result I actually get (€1,234,567.12) always has a precision of 2.

    QString szCurSym = QLocale("es_ES").currencySymbol();
    double dblTestVal=1234567.12;
    QString szResult=QLocale().toCurrencyString(dblTestVal,szCurSym,0); //precision ignored

    Thanks in advance.

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    That's because you are using the system locale (i.e. QLocale()) it is documented even if a bit obscure:

    On Windows and Mac, this locale will use the decimal[...] formats specified in the system configuration panel.

    QLocale(QLocale().language(),QLocale().country()).toCurrencyString(dblTestVal,szCurSym,0); will actually use the precision

  • @VRonin said in QLocale toCurrencyString ignores precision:


    Thanks, that works. You would think that specifically setting the precision would take precedence. Maybe it would be better worded as ... the locale will always use ...

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