Testing "customwidgetplug" under Windows (Mingw)

  • Hi all,

    greetings from a new forum user.

    I have developed a designer-plugin that works greatly under Linux. Now need to build this plugin for Windows boxes. As initial test, I have decided to build "customwidgetplugin", but the Designer can't load it. Here is how I proceeded:

    • install Windows Qt-Designer using: qt-opensource-windows-x86-mingw482-4.8.6-1
    • install Mingw for i686 (includes i686-w64-mingw32-g++ version 6)
    • enter "customwidgetplugin", execute "qmake" and "make"

    The compilation succeeds, but when I copy "customwidgetplugin.dll" to corresponding directory, Qt-designer shows failed plugin load:

    "Cannot load library ...customwidgetplugin.dll: can find the specific module"

    Unfortunately don't know how to debug this issue. How can I know if using right compiler and designer versions' Any hint please? Thanks in advance.



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    IIRC the designer isn't built with mingw, thus it can*t load mingw dlls. Check the Info window in the designer, there should be the used compiler specified. I believe its some msvc variant.

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