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First Time Installation of Qt Creator Fails to Build With Defaults

  • Installed Qt SDK, fired up Creator, opened an example, clicked ok yes default etc, and hit F5. Result:


    After minor poking around I see it's defaulted to building with the oldest installation of MSVC it could find on my system, 2003.
    Set it to Debug mode MSVC 2008


    and it builds but cannot debug:


    Some things in the options:



    I have VS 2003 2005 2008 and 2010 installed.

    So apparently Qt Creator doesn't like my system. Any advice? Is it even worth me trying to fix this rather than using Qt integration in Visual Studio?

    [EDIT: fixed image links, Volker]

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  • I am using msvc2005 on a win7 system with vsaddin and it works.

    Based on my preference I would recommend to use Qt in a consistent system. Either completely visual studio or completely Qt Creator with mingw. Especially for your case this might solve the problems.

    One thing you should bear in mind so when using visual studio it is more comfortable with vsaddin. In turnaround this addin requires a licensed version allowing addins. With the different express versions of vs you cannot do this.

    If you still like to use the creator with ms compiler, you should have only one ms compiler installed. It could be that creator does somehow mix the different versions.

  • It would help to know which version of Qt Creator you are using:-)

    The first issue should be fixed in the up-coming Qt Creator 2.3: That will only offer MSVC tool chains that actually match up with the Qt version used.

    The second issue is most likely caused by the microsoft debugging tools being unavailable. Did you install those? They are part of the newer windows SDKs but you used to have to install them separately.

    koahnig: Qt Creator works fine for me with the microsoft compilers. Those are no reason to use visual studio;-)

  • I'm using 2.2.1. Guess I'll keep an eye on that new version.

    For the debugging issue, how would a new user normally learn of that dependency? (what did I miss?)
    Visual Studio always comes with windows.h and such, so I've never had a reason to get the Windows SDK before.

  • I do think we mention the need to have the debugging tools installed in the installation as well as the documentation.

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