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  • Hi,

    Who knows about simulating hover, on a touchscreen ?
    Does Qt have that feature ?
    I'm thinking, if button pressed for say 1 second, then hover tooltip appears.
    Is there a convention, for this ?

    Presently on the touchpanel PC we're using, I can get hover tooltips to appear, but it's a fiddle, so I wonder whether they are just working by accident.

    What you have to do, is press a screen item, move your finger a little bit, then release. But you have to be quick. If you take
    longer than our tooltip delay (1 second), than the tooltip pops up then immediately disappears. Or if you move too far away from the item, outside its hit area, then no tooltip.

    The touchpanel is Win7 SP1 x86 based, and uses the eTouchGalaxy touch driver, latest. There's a bunch of operation modes available, but they all work as described above.

    Is the general view that tooltips infact shouldn't be a thing that features on touchscreens, and that I should be aiming toward stopping them working entirely, rather than aiming toward making them work, in a simple way for the user, like a long press ?

    Do design guides indicate whether hover tooltips should be a thing on touchscreens ?
    What's your view ?

    Thank you,


  • Hi,

    A bit of an update on this: Recently, I've run my Qt app on two touchpanel PCs: One having Win7 embedded, the other Win10 embedded. I notice, that Win10 would appear to provide touch-hover support: If you keep an item pressed, the on-screen large semi-opaque circle cursor, changes to the same but square. If you then release, the hover-tip appears. I've done a bit of a google for this, and drawn a blank. Anyone know where on the web this feature might be described/documented? Anyway, it's great I think that Win10 has this feature ..

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