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QML combobox stay down after mouse pressed...

  • Hello,

    I have strange problem with combobox, use this simple code:


    I can navigate with mouse and select item one time, after that, by click I can not see the list any more or change the value but I can change it with the roller of the mouse...

    I just see that the combobox change from grey to light blue when I click on it at the first time but after the value is selected the button stay light blue like it's stay down...


    Do you know why?

    thank you for your help

  • Qt 5.10.0 added support for native menus on Windows. This caused a regression in Qt Quick Controls 1 ComboBox. ComboBox did not get notified that the menu popup was closed, so it thought it was still pressed and therefore refused to re-open the popup. The bug (QTBUG-64628) has been fixed in Qt 5.10.1.

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