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Qt charts - licensing issue

  • Hey,
    i am developing an application that will visualize data from databases ( drawing charts,etc. ). I wanted to develop this app in qt ( i have some experience with this framework ), but Qt charts are non avaliable under LGPL license ( GPL is not an option, my company does not want to share our code ). Would it be hard to write app in qt and to visualize data use some other library ( from boost for example ). Or is it better to just drop Qt for this project and use Windows Forms or MFC?
    What would you advise me?

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    @karollo93 said in Qt charts - licensing issue:

    What would you advise me?

    Buy the commercial license and don't worry about licensing of QtCharts :-) If you are a small company, there is the "Startup" license with quite affordable pricing.

    If that's not an option, you can use other chart libraries (QWt, MCharts and others).

  • @sierdzio Thank you very much. I didn't know about QWt. I hope it is good, otherwise i will have to switch to C#/WPF. Greetings

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