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High DPI and Windows scaling

  • Currently I'm working on a QML app which need to work on Windows tablets only. I encountered some errors when high dpi scaling is on and Windows scaling is set to 200%. Windows will then resize all kind of UI elements by what it seeme faking the screen size.
    When I disable high dpi scaling the app looks quite ok except for some element widths and font sizes. It will take a lot of effort to correct that and especially when another Windows tablet with another physical screen size will be used.
    So in fact, I have two questions:

    • What do you recommend to make sure that the app looks the same across different devices, hence that the size of buttons and such need to be large enough for touch screens?
    • How can I make sure Windows will not scale my QML app when the scaling setting in Windows is being used?

    I'm using Qt 5.9.4. Looking forward to see some replies.

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