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runtime error and QFuture

  • Hello guys. I am still learning Qt C++ and I have a lot of code, so I will try and explain my problem in point form as best as I can. Please bear with me.

    • I have two objects of a class.

    • From my MainWindow.cpp i connect signals and slots to these two objects functions, where data is processed and results are emitted back to my main MainWindow.

    • Two QFutures are created using each of those class objects. They are ran by using QFuture<void> futureEg1 = QtConcurrent::run( &object, &ClassName::function, args...)

    • All is good till this point, I am able to process my data and retrieve it in my main thread for both objects.

    • At the moment, in my main thread's slot that receives the data, I am only qDebugging the results. No modifications or other access, as I'm afraid of data being unsynchronised or something?

    Is there be a problem when two signals emit the same slot at the same time in my main thread, as I have encountered a runtime error.

    Thanks and if you need me to clarify or show the relevant parts of the code, anything I will most definitely do so. Your help is of utmost appreciation!

  • @scottnat said in runtime error and QFuture:

    Is there be a problem when two signals emit the same slot at the same time in my main thread

    No, unless you force Qt::DirectConnection

    as I have encountered a runtime error

    Post stack trace please

  • This post is deleted!

  • @VRonin
    Hi, thanks VRonin for the reply. Turns out the problem was to do with the library of FFTW that I used.

    I used separate threads to run functions from that library, which apparently are not thread safe. However, even with mutex locks they still wouldn't work. Back to the drawing board.


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