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How to determine whether a select's child element is visible on browser's screen area?

  • I'd like to determine whether a sepecific select's child element, is visible on browser's screen area? For example, give a HTML select like this:

    alt text

    Give I have, say, QWebElement of "Breve" option (4th item) how do I determine whether visible in the browser?
    I've tried:
    bool isVisible = myWebView->geometry().contains(e.geometry());
    where myWebView is of QWebView type and e is QWebElement

  • In QtWebKit 5.212 you obtain focused QWebElement by tracking focusedElementChanged signal on QWebPage. We should probably add getter to make it full-fledged property.

    Note that not everything that you can select on page is element, and geometry of text selection is not available in public API at the moment

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