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[Solved] QtCreator generated project platform independent?

  • Hi,

    i am just at the beginning of a new project and i have found out, that there are unofficial qt ports to platforms that i love and want to support, like amiga os 4 or haiku.

    Being the lazy type of a programmer i just started the project using QtCreator, which is not available for that platforms. Does QtCreator only generate stuff that i could take over to the other platforms and compile from command line? Or does QtCreator produce code or data (e.g. forms?) that only compile within QtCreator?

    Should i better code from scratch or is it safe to stay with QtCreator?

    Thank you

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    you can safely remain with Qt Creator.

    Qt projects are "independent" of Creator, that is, you can always compile your project from command line (including forms, yes). First run qmake, then make (nmake on Windows), and voila! :D

  • Great, thank you

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    Glad to help.

    If that's all you need, please add [Solved] to the beginning of the thread's subject.

    BTW: qmake is not the only build system available (although it's the only one officially supported), you can also use cmake, scons and bjam. For more info on qmake, look into "qmake Manual": . For more info on others, search the web, QtDN or invest in Blanchett & Summerfield's book "C++ GUI programming with Qt 4".

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    Qt Creator shows the commands it executes in the build log. So you can copy (or adapt) them when running them in the command line.

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