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how to pass a variable from a one thread to main GUI thread

  • I am using following code

    QVariant myclass::Execute(QString command, QString xInfo)
    QTimer::singleShot(0, this, SLOT(slotExecuteTcl()));
    return QVariant(true);
    void myClass::executeTcl()
    QString res;
    if ( Tcl_Eval(command, res) ) {


    // return QVariant(res);


    I want to pass command from ::Execute to executeTcl , since we move from one thread to GUI main thread could you please suggest how to move the variable from one thread to GUI main thread

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    You can make a new signal

    void MyValue( QString );

    and in execute, emit it
    void myClass::executeTcl()
    { ...
    emit MyValue("somestring"); // or via variable

    You have to have
    some slot in main connected to MyValue signal.

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