How QtClucene work?

  • Dear all,

    I would like to know this library file QtClucene & how it works.

    Is it related with lucence search like in java?

    How can I implement this library?


  • Qt uses clucene for searching in the help documents. As far as I know clucene is a C port of the Java lucene. Unfortunately there is no documentation around, but you may want to have a look at the documentation and help modules' sources in the Qt source tree.

  • There is no Qt-like interface for using QtLucene (=CLucene) in your app.
    What a pity!!!

    You have to compile+link the sources in your app and use CLucene API, like:

    int iFlags = lucene::document::Field::STORE_YES | lucene::document::Field::INDEX_TOKENIZED;
    lucene::document::Document doc;
    doc.add(*(_CLNEW lucene::document::Field(tFieldName, tFieldVal, iFlags)));

    lucene::analysis::WhitespaceAnalyzer analyzer;
    m_pQuery = lucene::queryParser::QueryParser::parse(a,_T("text"),&analyzer);
    lucene::search::IndexSearcher searcher(sDirOfIndex);
    m_pHits =;

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