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QTWebEngine Smartcard client certificate

  • In chrome/chromium, when I want to access a site, which requires a x.509 client certificate, a dialog will appear, where I can select a certificate. Then I will be prompted to enter the pin, to proceed with the request.
    Is there any possibility to select a certificate stored on a smartcard/HSM and getting prompted for the pin in QtWebEngine?
    There is also a question open on stackoverflow regarding this/a connected topic, but I am not getting a response there, so I try to get an answer here instead..
    The topic on stackoverflow is more about a different approach but is also not working. I am trying both ways to get better results.
    Operating System is windows 10.
    I would like to achieve it with the windows CNG at best. (but any other methods/tips also welcomed)

    Thank you already in advance very much.

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