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QtCreator add text to image thumbnails on screen

  • Hi All great community members,

    We are trying to migrate our infrastructure to QT with help of the QtCreator.

    The program is connecting a live cam or any IP feed to collect detected possible objects.
    It is gathering the object candidates rectangle are and put them on the screen like many thumbnails as in the image gallery.

    So system adding new small images to the screen continuously. What we need in QtCreator to show all this images in a scrollable widget/label etc and add each of them some details such as obj_name, comments etc.

    Also we want to all this small images should be selectable. How we can do this ? Our QT experience is limited and try to convince QT is better to ou management. And want to show something very soon.


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    First of all QtCreator is the editor.
    Qt is the actual c++ frame work.
    You can use Qt without Creator and Creator can use many versions of Qt and even without Qt.

    Sounds like you can use a ListView/ListWidget

    You can put it in icon mode to have something more than a plain list
    alt text

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