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  • As an owner and programmer of a company with over 5 years of experience I would like to offer You our support and cooperation.

    Our team consists of high performing and experienced professionals who specialize in a variety of technologies including graphic design. We are from Poland and have own office.

    We offer software designing, programming, testing, and project management. Thanks to dynamic allocation of our dedicated work force and communication with client our software is "tailor made" and meets all of Your demands. We also offer our expertise and experience to help You manage Your website, server or suggest suitable hardware.

    Technologies we know and most frequently use: C++ Qt, OpenGL, MySQL and mobile Cocos2dx. We also have an experience in other technologies such as Java, C#, Web, data bases etc.

    Our main projects:
    Ortonet Systems - software for managing orthodontic offices:
    DDPOrtho - Support for orthodontic diagnosis:
    OnlyBytes - Mobile game:

    We can be reached at:


    Best regards
    GFSoft Marcin Janic

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