Custom fonts are not displayed properly on MacOS

  • Hello,

    I'm currently experiencing an issue with the load of font.

    Here is the result on windows :


    As you can see the fonts are well loaded (it's also works on ubuntu 17). The fonts are used as icons.

    This is the result on MacOs :


    The fonts are loaded like this :

    const auto id = QFontDatabase::addApplicationFont(":/resources/fonts/Font Awesome 5 Free-Solid-900.otf");
    const auto id1 = QFontDatabase::addApplicationFont(":/resources/fonts/Font Awesome 5 Free-Regular-400.otf");
    const auto id2 = QFontDatabase::addApplicationFont(":/resources/fonts/Font Awesome 5 Brands-Regular-400.otf");
    qDebug() << QFontDatabase::applicationFontFamilies(id).at(0);
    qDebug() << QFontDatabase::applicationFontFamilies(id1).at(0);
    qDebug() << QFontDatabase::applicationFontFamilies(id2).at(0);

    This is the ouput result on windows :

    "Font Awesome 5 Free Solid"
    "Font Awesome 5 Free Regular"
    "Font Awesome 5 Brands Regular"

    And, the mac output :

    "Font Awesome 5 Free"
    "Font Awesome 5 Free"
    "Font Awesome 5 Brands"

    I see the Note on :
    Note: Adding application fonts on Unix/X11 platforms without fontconfig is currently not supported.

    I installed qt 5.10 through the Qt Installer, so i don't know if the installer version contain fontconfig, but it's works well on Ubuntu with the Qt installer.
    Do I need to reinstall Qt from sources with -fontconfig or something like that?
    Do you have any idea of what could be wrong?

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    Did you try the Font Awesome 5 font in another macOs application ?
    Oddly the icon you get looks like when some unicode string is not decoded properly.

  • Thank you for your quick answer!
    I just tried to create a new application, the same bug occurs. However, if I write "Font Awesome 5 Free" instead "Font Awesome 5 Free Solid" in my qml, it works.
    So, I can fix my application with a define to check on which system I am, but it's still strange that the name is not the same on each plateform.
    Because you have to use the font name in the qml :
    This works on windows / Ubuntu

    Label {
        text: qsTr("\uf039") "Font Awesome 5 Free Solid"
        font.pointSize: 40

    This only works on MacOs

    Label {
        text: qsTr("\uf039") "Font Awesome 5 Free"
        font.pointSize: 40

    The second issue, is that i can't recognize these two fonts on MacOs:

    "Font Awesome 5 Free Solid"
    "Font Awesome 5 Free Regular"

    Because both return :

    "Font Awesome 5 Free"

    Anyway, I think I can fix my application even if the behavior seems odd, should I create a bug report to have a record of this issue?

  • I just started using Font Awesome as well, and stumbled upon this forum post. Now I wonder if I will have this issue on iOS? Have you tried? Or have you figured out something new?

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