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run fortune Client Example on Amazon AWS Server

  • Hello,

    i try to run the fortune client and fortune server Example.
    i want to run the server example on an Amazon AWS EC2 Instance , but i get no access to it.
    when i created a instance on amazon, i change the settings to accept all incoming connections but it seems that this is not enough.

    it will also a public and private ip created, but only the private ip will be used from the example. if i try to use the public ip, which will generate from amazon, he only told me something from unable to listen on the ip adress.

    Have someone experience, how i can use the public ip adress or how i can connect to the example?

  • @Allerknappe should your question better suited for AWS support team? or cloud forum? It seems not related to Qt itself.
    Anyway, from little experience with a (non Qt) REST server running in AWS, in that case the server was configured with "internal" IP and then the AWS security team forwarded the proper port(s) so the solution could be available from outside.

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    This post is deleted!