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what is "Variables in the configuration UI in the Projects mode" ?

  • in the release notes for QTC 4.5, it says "Variables in the configuration UI in the Projects mode...", but, umm, where is that? Maybe i'm not using CMake so i don't see it?

    I open my project, click the "Projects" icon on the left (that switches you to "Projects mode" right?), then look for something called "configuration UI", but all i find is: under my "kit", under "Build", i see "Edit build configuration", but i see nothing in there about "Variables", same thing under "Run" and "Edit run configuration"

    so what is this referring to?


  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Its only when you use CMake.
    In projects it has a list of variables and now it sounds like they are grouped and not just
    listed as found.

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