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settings not being saved between sessions

  • Hey everyone,

    I am new here so please forgive me if I am posting this in the wrong area. I did a couple searches but I haven't found an answer to the issue I am having:

    After installing Qt and setting up the IDE I can close Qt creator and when I reopen it, all my settings are gone, and Qt needs to be pointed to the .pro file. The .user file seems to be saved in my projects folder, but the projects directory seems to never be saved.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    The opened projects, etc. are stored in so called Sessions (see this) in QtCreator.
    In the welcome screen there is a section "Sessions" which always lets you open the last used session.

  • I appreciate the quick response. However that doesn't really answer my question.

    I can create a session and call it up from the welcome screen just fine. The problem that I am having is that the project (along with my .user settings) are not being loaded. My "Recent Projects" area on the welcome screen is always empty. The "Sessions" area saves my sessions, but when selected does not bring up the associated project/settings that go along with it.

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    What QtCreator version?
    What OS?
    Write access issue?

  • I should have posted this to begin with:

    Qt Creator 4.5.0
    Ubuntu 16.04

    I don't think its a write access issue the files all show writable. The problem just started this morning. I installed Qt 2 days ago and for the last two days it seemed just fine. Worked beautifully. However this morning I stared Qt and had to point it to my project.

    I do get an error message that may help:

    "No .user settings file created by this instance of Qt Creator was found. Did you work with this project on another machine or using a different settings path before?" - No

    "Do you still want to load the settings file '<path to my .user file>'?" - Yes

    Though selecting "Yes" doesn't seem to actually load my settings file (or the correct Project for that matter).

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    so did you upgrade QtCreator then?

  • Upgrade it? No its this not the latest version? I used the website and the online installer. Is there an updated version of Qt Creator beyond 4.5.0?

  • @Rlkcpo
    Latest version is 5.10. I myself use the latest release of version 5.9, i.e. 5.9.4

  • Correct the latest version of the Qt framework is 5.10(which I have)- Im talking about Qt Creator (the IDE)

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    @Rlkcpo said in settings not being saved between sessions:

    Is there an updated version of Qt Creator beyond 4.5.0?

    no, 4.5.0 is the latest.
    I was rather asking if you upgraded to version 4.5.0 and created your projects with a different version of QtCreator.

  • No I am evaluating Qt right now so everything I have is new as of 2 days ago. No other versions of Qt are installed or have been installed on this machine.

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    anyways, the error No .user settings file created by this instance of Qt Creator was found.
    suggests differently.

    What are the contents of the first few lines of your project's .pro.user file.

    The .pro.user file should begin with something like:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <!DOCTYPE QtCreatorProject>
    <!-- Written by QtCreator 4.5.0, 2018-01-26T09:52:02. -->
      <value type="QByteArray">{3984cf51-.....-4598d1289b66}</value>

  • <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <!DOCTYPE QtCreatorProject>
    <!-- Written by QtCreator 4.5.0, 2018-01-26T09:21:55. -->
    <value type="QByteArray">{316471a3-f154-424b-981f-dcbbc2d6adf8}</value>
    <value type="int">0</value>
    <valuemap type="QVariantMap">
    <value type="bool" key="EditorConfiguration.AutoIndent">true</value>
    <value type="bool" key="EditorConfiguration.AutoSpacesForTabs">false</value>
    <value type="bool" key="EditorConfiguration.CamelCaseNavigation">true</value>
    <valuemap type="QVariantMap" key="EditorConfiguration.CodeStyle.0">
    <value type="QString" key="language">Cpp</value>
    <valuemap type="QVariantMap" key="value">
    <value type="QByteArray" key="CurrentPreferences">CppGlobal</value>

  • Update*

    I have uninstalled, reinstalled, and am still seeing the same problems. Does the maintenance tool not completely remove the program?

  • So it turns out the problem files were located in the ~/.config directory. I deleted everything Qt related in that directory, did a clean reinstall and the problem vanished.

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