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Problem with scroll bars in Qml TableView

  • Hello
    I am using Qml Tableview and I am facing one problem here.
    The scroll bars of tableview gets into auto-hidden mode on Windows 10 systems. While hovering on the scroll bar location they appear that also so small that hardly gets visible. On Windows 7 systems, it is showing properly.
    I am facing same problem with Listview scroll bars also.

    Can anyone help me in the matter?

    TableView {
            id: table
            frameVisible: true
            anchors.fill: parent
            sortIndicatorColumn: -1
            sortIndicatorOrder: Qt.AscendingOrder
            sortIndicatorVisible: true
            model: SortFilterProxyModel{
                id: proxyModel
                source: resultModel
                sortCaseSensitivity: Qt.CaseInsensitive
                filterCaseSensitivity: Qt.CaseInsensitive
                dynamicSortFilter: true
                sortRole: table.getColumn(table.sortIndicatorColumn).role
                filterRole: table.getColumn(table.sortIndicatorColumn).role
                filterSyntax: SortFilterProxyModel.RegExp
                sortOrder: table.sortIndicatorOrder
                filterString: ""
                sortColumn: table.sortIndicatorColumn
                TableViewColumn {
                id: time
                title: "Time"
                role: "time"
                movable: true
                resizable: true
                width: table.viewport.width/9
            TableViewColumn {
                id: network
                title: "Network"
                role: "network"
                movable: true
                resizable: true
                width: table.viewport.width/7

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