CSS groups in a module

  • I have a CSS question..
    I just now trying to find which CSS group that change the stuff in the list as in picture.
    I Use :
    background-color: #292c33;

    That changes the background, but other items like hoover, text color etc i cant find.
    Anyone know how to do?
    A link to the docs wont do, i read it already.

    0_1516794449852_Skärmavbild 2018-01-24 kl. 12.43.16.png

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    try color for the text

  • First i need to know what group to use, and what undergroup..
    like "QAbstractItemView" and "QAbstractItemView:title"
    None of above works on that window apart from backgroundcolor..

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    Look in the code ?

    it looks like a delegate design and might not use styles sheets at all.

    What you call group is actually selector or widget type but we cant guess it from the image as it can be anything and
    might not use style sheet settings at all if just drawn with qpainter.

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