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How to enable the language switcher in the Qt Quick Virtual Keyboard - Basic Example

  • Hi. I am new to Qt Creator on Linux. From the Welcome screen I opened "Qt Quick Virtual Keyboard - Basic Example". It runs great, but I want to enable the language switcher to the left of the space bar.

    From the documentation and threads on this forum, I understand that I should add CONFIG += lang-all, but I cannot figure out where, or how to make it take effect.

    My project has a file basic.pro, but adding CONFIG += lang-all there has no effect. I think I need to modify the qtvirtualkeyboard itself, and not just the example. There is no virtualkeyboard.pro in my project. There are 7 different ones spread around the Qt installation:

    • ./Examples/Qt-5.10.0/virtualkeyboard/virtualkeyboard.pro
    • ./Examples/QtVirtualKeyboard/virtualkeyboard/virtualkeyboard.pro
    • ./5.10.0/Src/qtvirtualkeyboard/examples/virtualkeyboard/virtualkeyboard.pro
    • ./5.10.0/Src/qtvirtualkeyboard/src/virtualkeyboard/virtualkeyboard.pro
    • ./EnterpriseAddOns/QtVirtualKeyboard/2.0/Src/virtualkeyboard.pro
    • ./EnterpriseAddOns/QtVirtualKeyboard/2.0/Src/examples/virtualkeyboard/virtualkeyboard.pro
    • ./EnterpriseAddOns/QtVirtualKeyboard/2.0/Src/src/virtualkeyboard/virtualkeyboard.pro

    Should I modify one of those, and how do I rebuild virtualkeyboard so it uses the new config?

    I can build and run the example from the command line:

    cd Examples/Qt-5.10.0/virtualkeyboard/basic
    /sw/bin/qt/5.10.0/gcc_64/bin/qmake "CONFIG+=lang-all"
    make "CONFIG+=lang-all"

    ...but the language switcher is still disabled. I think it's because again, I need to rebuild the virtualkeyboard plugin and not just the example.

  • Update: I got a lot further.

    cd qt/5.10.0/Src/qtvirtualkeyboard/src/virtualkeyboard
    /sw/bin/qt/5.10.0/gcc_64/bin/qmake CONFIG+="lang-all" && make && make install

    It will give errors like Library 'pinyin' is not defined.

    cd qt/5.10.0/Src/qtvirtualkeyboard/src/virtualkeyboard/3rdparty/openwnn
    /sw/bin/qt/5.10.0/gcc_64/bin/qmake && make

    Same for pinyin, tcime, then go back and build virtualkeyboard.

    The example basic doesn't need to be rebuilt, just run it. I guess qtvirtualkeyboard is dynamically linked. Unclear how it knows where it load it from.

    Now language switcher is enabled, and I can scroll through a long list of languages! I wish I knew how to do all this inside QtCreator though.

    Languages like Japanese that need an IME are still broken. When I pick it, there is an error:

    qml: Qt.createQmlObject(): failed to create object: 
        qrc:/QtQuick/VirtualKeyboard/content/layouts/ja_JP/japaneseInputMethod:1:57: JapaneseInputMethod is not a type

    Somehow openwnn is still not loaded correctly. Any ideas?

  • Hi Torklingberg,

    could you get it to work.
    I have the same issue.

  • @michaelL hi,

    you should use '@username' if not, the person will proably not recive notification

  • @TorKlingberg DId you get it to work?

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