Read/Write MS Word document properties with ActiveX

  • Hello everyone

    I am trying to access to the document properties from MS Word using ActiveX
    Following the documentation from Microsoft ( I managed to read, for example the document author property, using this code:

    // New word application
    QAxObject* word = new QAxObject("Word.Application", 0 );
    // Get access to the documents
    QAxObject* docs = word->querySubObject("Documents");
    // Configure parameters for opening a word file
    QVariant filename(fileName);
    QVariant confirmconversions(false);
    QVariant readonly(false);
    QVariant addtorecentfiles(false);
    QVariant passworddocument("");
    QVariant passwordtemplate("");
    QVariant revert(false);
    doc = docs->querySubObject("Open(QVariant,QVariant,QVariant,QVariant,QVariant,QVariant,QVariant)",
                  filename, confirmconversions, readonly, addtorecentfiles, passworddocument, passwordtemplate, revert);
    // Get access to the Author document property of the opened file
    QAxObject* auth = doc->querySubObject("BuiltInDocumentProperties(\"Author\")");
    // read the value of the property
    QString author = auth->dynamicCall("Value()").toString();

    But I have no idea how to write this author property (e.g. to set a new author name Joe Smith)

    Thank you for any input that would direct me to the right answer

  • I finally found a way to do it. To set a property (e.g. the Author property) use:

    auth->dynamicCall("Value",  "Joe Smith");

    This link gives insights on this:

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