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QT Widget ListView with Custom Designed Items

  • Hi there,

    Hi can i use Widget based List Control with custom layouted/designed items?
    Which control should i use, how ill set my custom designed widget to be used as template for list items to appear?

    alt text


  • Lifetime Qt Champion


    Normally you would use a delegate to draw it as you want it to look
    (this is kinda a trick as it only draws as widgets until you edit the row, then its
    live widgets. but it has good performance.)

    Alternatively for only a FEW items, one can use
    (and a ListWidget )
    Here we simply put a live widget on top of the row item.
    This has bad performance with many items and on small boards/phones.

    Alternatively for a few items, you can use
    a QScrollArea.

    In most cases you will be most happy with a model and a view and a delegate as you can share the model with more views and its fast.

  • @mrjj Thank you for your reply, i tried to understand stardelegate example but its bit overwhelming for me as a new user.
    So my question is Cant we use visual custom widget as a delegate instead of overriding Paint method and design it with pure code?

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    The setItemWidget can be used to inset a widget ( with subwidgets ) on a item but
    its not possible to use as a delegate as such.
    This method is very easy but also a bit heavy with many items.
    But on a desktop class pc. many items is maybe a thousands.
    So if app is not to run on smartphone/ Pi boards then it works pretty ok.
    However, the delegate and painting is best in terms of memory use and performance.

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