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Qt/QML based application - very high memory consumpation. Maybe memory leak.

  • Hi, guys.
    I'm exploring the memory usage of Qt/QML based application that very queerly working on different configurations (OS + HDD/SSD). I just run the application and open/close FocusScope component (in fact this window leaves outside the main window with some animation) and I'm watching the memory consumption. I got the following results:
    Ubuntu + 8GB RAM + HDD ~ 90 MB
    Windows 8.1 + SSD ~ 350 MB and "crazy consumption growth"
    Windows 8.1 Pro + SSD ~ 145 MB
    Windows 8.1 + HDD ~ 350 MB and "crazy consumption growth"
    Windows Server 2016 + SSD ~ 350 MB and "crazy consumption growth"
    Windows 10 + 8GB RAM + SSD ~ 130 MB
    Windows 10 + 16GB RAM + SSD ~ 160 MB

    For example, when I'm using Windows 8.1 + HDD and doing open/close this window about 50 times the memory consumption is becoming 2,5 Gb! In this case the memory is not released.
    When I'm using Windows 10 + SSD and do the same, the memory consumption is not growing.
    I'm confused. The application has no leaks. Profiling didn't help. Visual Studio Diagnostig tool "sees" 90 MB allocated memory only. What can you advise? Thank0_1516552003015_photo_2018-01-21_18-00-05.jpg

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