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Colors in terminal output

  • Does QTextStream provides an out of box solution for colorful output?

    I looked a bit and it seems I'll have to make one myself :/

  • Colorful Output in Terminal is only possible, if the Terminal supports it. On Linux you have ncurses Library to do that.

  • I don't think that's available with QTextStream, however, on Windows, you can achieve this quite easily using GetStdHandle() and SetConsoleTextAttribute() from Windows API .


    #ifdef WIN32
        //Get std handles
        HANDLE hE = GetStdHandle(STD_ERROR_HANDLE);
        HANDLE hO = GetStdHandle(STD_OUTPUT_HANDLE);
        //Open streams
        QTextStream out(stdout);
        QTextStream err(stderr);
        //Set color
        //Standard output --> BLUE
        SetConsoleTextAttribute(hO, 0x09);
        //Error output --> RED
        SetConsoleTextAttribute(hE, 0x0C);
    //Print some messages
    out << qPrintable("my message") << endl;
    err << qPrintable("error !") << endl;
    #ifdef WIN32
        //Restore default colors (background: BLACK, foreground: WHITE)
        SetConsoleTextAttribute(hO, 0x0F);
        SetConsoleTextAttribute(hE, 0x0F);

    Note that the first hexadecimal digit of the value is the background, and the second digit is the foreground, so you can make any combination you want.

    Here is the color codes in hexadecimal:
    0 = black
    1 = navy
    2 = green
    3 = teal
    4 = maroon
    5 = purple
    6 = olive
    7 = silver
    8 = gray
    9 = blue
    A = lime
    B = aqua
    C = red
    D = fuchsia
    E = yellow
    F = white

    alt text

  • If you start your program from inside a terminal which can handle ANSI-Color, you can just print out your text by following the


    #define STD_OUT QTextStream(stdout)
    QString qsVersion = "1.0.0";
    QString  qsBuildInfo = "debug";
    #ifdef _DEBUG
       qsBuildInfo = "debug";
       qsBuildInfo = "release";
    QString qsBranchName = "some_branch_name_here";
    STD_OUT << endl << flush;
    STD_OUT << QString("  \033[47m|\033[0m\033[1;37;44m Version   \033[0m \033[1;34m%1\033[0m").arg(qsVersion) << endl;
    STD_OUT << QString("  \033[47m|\033[0m\033[1;37;42m Build     \033[0m \033[1;32m%1\033[0m").arg(qsBuildInfo) << endl;
    STD_OUT << QString("  \033[47m|\033[0m\033[1;37;46m Branch    \033[0m \033[1;36m%1\033[0m").arg(qsBranchName) << endl;
    STD_OUT << QString("  \033[47m|\033[0m\033[1;37;41m Copyright \033[0m \033[1;31m%1\033[0m").arg(QDate::currentDate().year()) << endl;
    STD_OUT << endl << flush;

    resulting in following output:

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