How to make pages in QTextEdit or QPlainTextEdit

  • Iam trying to make the look of pages in QTextEdit or using it to so each page has a limited number of lines per page and limited number of character per line and the first thing is the look and feel of pages
    so I try to use this code

        QVBoxLayout *layout =new QVBoxLayout();
        QTextEdit *edit = new QTextEdit("hello world");
        QTextEdit *edit1 = new QTextEdit("hello world");
        QTextEdit *edit2 = new QTextEdit("hello world");
        // i added more

    this code is simple just use scrollbar container and add it vertical layout and every time I need a page make a new QTextEdit and add it to the vertical layout in the scrollbar
    the problem here is that whenever I add a new page the QTextEdit I add it so too small and the scrollbar never work on it so that the QTextEdit be above each other so it makes a bad look
    alt text
    so what I make wrong so that the scrollbar not working and how to make each QTextEdit take a good page look which has a good size to give me the look of something like Microsoft word or pdf which have pages
    also if there is a better idea or a solution to what iam trying to do it will be better if there is an already implemented widget or library have this.
    Thanks in advance

  • Qt Champions 2017

    You have to set minimumSize on the QTextEdit as
    not to have them become very small.
    Should be the size of a page.

  • i add those before set the layout


    and not work and the scrollbar still not working too

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    That is odd.
    It works with no issues in Designer
    alt text

    When you draw it, it seems to create a widget (scrollAreaWidgetContents_2) and put layout on that

      scrollArea_2 = new QScrollArea(centralWidget);
      scrollAreaWidgetContents_2 = new QWidget();
      verticalLayout_2 = new QVBoxLayout(scrollAreaWidgetContents_2);
      textEdit = new QTextEdit(scrollAreaWidgetContents_2);
      textEdit->setMinimumSize(QSize(0, 500));

  • @mrjj can you please show me the code it not work for me i don't know why

  • Qt Champions 2017

    I think you need to make a widget, put layout on that and
    insert edits there.
    then set widget to scroll area with

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