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How to debug HTTP requests?

  • I'm using Qt's networking components to send a series of HTTP Post requests, and now I would like to debug how these requests are being sent. What's the best way to debug HTTP requests made by using Qt's networking module?

  • @rmam

    There is a possibility to use to test http posting

  • @koahnig thanks for the tip. I've just tried out the service and it everything went well. Do you know if it offers a feature to download a complete raw request as a text file?

    Still, it would be preferable if Qt's networking module offered a way to extract the raw HTTP request. As far as I can tell, the closest thing that it offers is the possibility to extract the raw header with calls to QNetworkRequest::rawHeader().

  • @rmam

    Frankly I do not know. I was made aware of the site a couple of month' back, when I faced a similar issue. Plain screenshot of the replies were sufficient in my case.

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