QTableView row selection highlight pyside2 issue

  • I'm having problems with getting the full row to be highlighted on selection in a QTableView despite have done:

    Initially only the column clicked on highlights. If I drag another window over the table window and then bring the table window back to the top the full row is highlighted. If I click and drag within a column cell the full row is hightlighted.

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    It sounds like a repaint issue or something. I have not noticed in c++.
    You could hook up to one of the selectionChanged signals for QTableView
    and call update just to check.

  • Already tried calling update and repaint on selectionChanged with no affect.

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    Ok, and this is a in a minimal example ?

    I cant get it to do odd things in c++.
    Might be a pyside2 bug/feature

    What version of Qt are you using?

  • I'm using version 5.6.1.

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    Ok. i cant find any other reporting that issue.
    You could look in https://bugreports.qt.io
    If you can reproduce it with a minimal example, then open bug report.

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