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Getting the MetaData from a streaming url

  • Hi, all..

    I am building an internet radio application, and it I can play and mp3 stream, stop the stream, and adjust the volume. Next, I need to able to get the metadata from the stream.

    I am using the QMediaPlayer like so:

        station = new RadioStation("Bagel Radio", "http://ice1.somafm.com/bagel-128-aac");
        player = new QMediaPlayer;
       //and to play:

    and to check on the metadata, I am doing this when the stop button is pressed.. just to make sure i am getting some metadata back:

        qDebug() << "MetaData Available: " + QString::number(player->isMetaDataAvailable());
        qDebug() << "Audio Available: " + QString::number(player->isAudioAvailable());

    and I get a"0" for isMetaDataAvailable.

    I know that this stream has metadata as any other player that i put that stream in can see the metadata.


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