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QML and QVariant(QObjectList)

  • Hello,

    while porting a QtDeclartive application to QtQuick I came to a point where a data model is exposing a list
    of QObjects from the data() member function to QML.

    it seems that the behaviour changed here a little bit. Before, Qt exposed to QML a QObjectList type, but now it exposes a QVariant(QObjectList) .

    I have not found a way to access the QObjectList inside the QVariant. Is there any way?

    accessing it via [] operator returns 'undefined'.

    Trying to get the 'value' e.g. QObjectList by calling .value()
    TypeError: Property 'value' of object QVariant(QObjectList) is not a function'

    Any Solution that does not involve rewriting the model?



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