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Qt interface and signals?

  • Hi,
    I'm currently investigating the usage of the QPluginLoader for an application. So, I'm analyzing the example delivered with Qt. My problem is that I need to declare Qt signals in my interfaces. For this, I have found a solution on Internet. The post I found explains that the interface must have a function
    "QObject * asQObject()" that every implementations must define. And this function is used for connections. The post also shows, in fact, a double declaration of the signal. First it is declard in the interface class. Then it is declared again in the implementation (I suppose that this second declaration is for the moc).

    As this is an old (2013) post, and as I find this solution quite complex, I did not if this solution is still "the normal one". If there is a better solution for Qt 5.6 I would appreciate to have a link on it.

    Thanks for your help.

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