Cannot create a AVD for QT for Android

  • I am using QT 5.7.1. When I click option->devices->android->Start AVD Manager, no response is given. When I click CREATE New AVD, it shows the message: "Cannot create a AVD for aremabi-v7a. Install an image for it."

    I cannot find the solution with the above problem, please help me.

  • @md612

    Hi and welcome to devnet

    On which OS are you using Qt creator?

    Out of personal experience I would recommend to install at least Qt version 5.9. There is an issue with different versions of Android SDK and NDK in collaboration with Qt. Please check out this guide and pay special attention to the different versions involved. That was the only way for me to get a proper functioning version installed.

    Also there is a google group for Android with Qt available. You can also check there for advice.

  • I am using QT creator on Window 10. I tried to use QT 9.0, but this verison makes me cannot use the QDebug, so I abandon that.

  • tbh this is sad,the people asked u question and then gone for no reason lol

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